9 Tried-and-True Tips for Upping Your Golf Game (and Must-Have Accessories)

By Alex Watson In Carolina Sports Concepts News, Golf Hitting Mats



 It’s a new year, which means it’s the perfect time to make some positive changes in your life. And as a golfer, you know that a great round can put a smile on your face like a few other things.

So, the question is: Why not put a little effort into shaping up your golf game so that you can experience more of those successful rounds of 18? 

Fortunately, you don’t have to transform your daily routine or compromise your family’s wellbeing to improve your golf game. You can gradually develop a better swing and technique by implementing some practical strategies. 

Below, Carolina Sports Concepts shows you nine ways to make it happen. And we even talk about some accessories that can help you reach your goals!


9 Tried-and-True Tips for Upping Your Golf Game

 You are a golf enthusiast, and you understand you will never be entirely satisfied with your swing. But if you want to take your golf game to the next level, these nine tips will help you get there!

1. Establish Goals     

Before you take any steps towards improvement, you will need to have goals in place. Think about short-term and long-term goals that you can attain that will ultimately lead to a better, more enjoyable golf game. Establishing goals will help you determine precisely the parts of your game that you need to work on the most.

Sit down and write out specific goals that you can measure along your journey. Here are some examples to get you started:

• Break 95, 90, and 85.

• Land on 80% of your greens.

• Have no fairway misses off the tee.

• Have only four three-putt holes in a round.

• Break 80!

When you set measurable goals, you can track your progress and determine what areas you need to focus your time and energy on. And you can look back at your goals to remember how far you have come.


2. Get Fitted

As critical as skill is to the game of golf, the equipment you use can make a significant difference. When it comes to your clubs, balls, and other gear, the best approach is to go to a professional to get fitted. 

A pro, for example, can tell you whether you need to use a wedge with more loft or a stiffer shaft on your clubs. They can also tell you which golf balls can help you drive longer and stick more shots onto greens, among many other things.

If you have a home club, check with the pros available for fittings. See when the next demo day will be; equipment companies organize demo days to showcase new equipment and technology to private club members. This is a great way to stay up to date on the latest advancements in golf. 

Getting fitted typically involves talking to a professional fitter about your specific playing style and various swings before getting measured to figure out the ideal golf clubs for your game. Don’t be shocked if an easy adjustment improves your swing and leaves you with fewer strokes on your scorecard!


3. Practice More

Perhaps the most straightforward method of upping your golf game is to practice more than you already are. There are countless ways to practice golf without playing a round of 18. 

For example, you can experiment with new drills that increase your shots. One exercise that has proven to work for many golfers involves hitting two balls and playing the next stroke from the worst ball. 

With work, family, and other responsibilities, you probably don’t have a lot of extra time to go to the driving range or golf course. While you should make additional trips to your country club when possible, your best bet is to practice as much as you can at home. With the right net and other gear, you can get a lot of shots in from your backyard or garage. 

Even taking 100 practice swings a day can make a huge difference in your performance. Along with refining your technique, practicing your swing will boost your endurance and make you stronger. 

Consider investing in a heavily weighted club for warming up. This type of club can aid your flexibility and give you more torque during your downswing. 


4. Try Out Different Swings

While practicing more will help you pursue the perfect swing, try not to get saddled down by a single approach. Experimenting with other techniques can do wonders for refining your game. 

Maybe you can modify your address position or tweak your follow-through. Perhaps you can try a new mental exercise before stepping up to the ball. These are just a couple of examples; consider your process and don’t hesitate to leave your comfort zone.

There are plenty of online tutorials that can help you learn new techniques, but you should also consider getting lessons from a professional at your club. Even the most uncomplicated adjustment in your takeaway, for instance, can help you achieve longer, more accurate drives. And remember that even if the slight tweaks to your game feel awkward at first, they will begin to feel more comfortable over time and can significantly improve your overall game. 


5. Hit It Straighter      

Everyone loves to see a massive drive off the tee—golfers and spectators alike. But did you know that you can reduce your handicap without hitting the ball even one yard farther? Rather than focusing on distance, try to hit your shots straighter.

You can practice your hits and develop a more centered strike by understanding the critical relationship between the clubface and the swing path. Over time, you will improve your ball control and hit more fairways and greens. 

In most cases, high scores have less to do with not hitting balls far enough and more to do with hitting them offline. Besides, as you enhance your swing path, you will naturally hit the ball further. 


6. Find Your Rhythm

Anyone who has played a round of golf can tell you how much discipline it requires, as well as how necessary mental preparation is to succeed. When watching the top golfers play, you will quickly notice that each has a particular routine that proceeds every shot. 

If it works for them, why not develop your own routine that helps you build muscle memory? It can help you create discipline in all aspects of your game and calm your nerves during high-stake shots.

Note that you should follow your routine with every single shot you take.

This pertains to practicing at home, playing practice rounds, swinging at the driving range, and competing. That way, you will have the mental discipline to play consistently, whether practicing or competing. And you will have more confidence in your abilities to help you fight off nerves. 


7. Hold That Pose

You can learn a lot about your technique by observing how you finish your golf swing. A good finish position leaves you with your back heel off the ground and your belt buckle pointed directly at your target. You should feel balanced and confident. 

After hitting each shot, hold your pose for a moment to see if the indicators above are present. If so, you have yourself a pretty good swing!

As you practice your finish, be sure to follow through and move your hips. Adding this routine to your golf game can do wonders for improving your ball striking. 


8. Play Practice Rounds

Hitting balls at the range is essential for improving and maintaining your golf game. But it’s not enough if you hope to play better at a competitive level. One of the best things you can do is to commit to playing more practice rounds. 

Playing a competitive round of golf will require much more from you mentally and physically. Not to mention, you will often be hitting from a sloping surface instead of the flat surface of a driving range.

After each practice round, reflect on all areas of your game. Keep track of your missed shots and wrong decisions so that you can devise a strategy for fixing the specific parts of your game that are lacking. But recognize where you excelled as well!


9. Prioritize Fitness

The casual spectator may not realize the fitness level required to successfully play a full round of golf. Swinging a club is a full-body workout, and there is a lot of walking involved—especially if you don’t drive a cart! 

If you are exhausted by the 12th hole, it’s going to be hard to keep your swing intact. That’s why it is so important to exercise regularly outside of your golf game. 

If you need to build your endurance, start going for more walks or runs. Consider weightlifting or high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts if you need to develop your strength. 

Adding strength will boost the power in your drive, enhance accuracy, and provide you with more stamina on the back nine. Remember to focus on your legs and core, as they will prove crucial to your swing. 


Essential Accessories for Your Golf Game

So, you have some ideas for taking your golf game to the next level. Now, you need to make sure you have all the accessories to help you achieve your goals. While practicing can go a long way, having the right equipment and gadgets can help you gain a step above your rivals!

While some golf accessories are produced for golfers who will buy pretty much anything, there are plenty of accessories that can genuinely benefit your golf game and enrich your experience. Here are some essentials to consider:

Clothing Accessories    

Clothing can make a big difference when practicing or playing a round of golf. You need a quality pair of gloves that will help you keep a grip on your clubs while protecting your hands. 

For the sunny days, make sure you have hats you can throw on when you leave home; there are many styles to choose from, and the type of hat you wear is an opportunity to show a little personality. You will also need a good pair of sunglasses so that you can keep a clear line of vision when the sun is glaring down on your path.

Moreover, make sure you have everything you need if it starts pouring rain while you’re on the course. Get a large umbrella and a quality raincoat, and you’re good to go!


Extra Balls

This one is pretty self-explanatory! Always keep some extra golf balls in your bag. If you want to challenge yourself during your next practice round, consider leaving one or two fewer balls in your bag than you usually would. If you don’t go through all of them, it may indicate that you had fewer missed shots! 

There are endless options when it comes to golf balls. Do your research to find one that will fit your playing style and needs, and talk with a professional at your club to get their opinion on which brand and model you should try.



 Tees are much more technologically advanced than they once were. Yes, they are more than wooden pegs that you stick in the ground! 

 Modern golf tees are designed to reduce friction as you hit the ball, and the appropriate tees can give you a leg up in your game rather than hold you back. 

 Invest in top-notch tees, and keep plenty of extras in your golf back. If you are still a beginner, look for options that indicate the precise height to leave your tee. 


Club Care Items 

No one needs to tell you that golf clubs are expensive. The problem is they can be fragile too. By investing in quality headcovers, you can ensure that your clubs are protected. 

Most drivers and woods come with great headcovers, but you can also purchase a set of matching ones if you want a sense of uniformity in your bag. While they are not as common, you can also get headcovers for your irons. 

Another way to take care of your clubs is to keep a couple of golf towels in your bag. For those times when you dig your club into the dirt, simply pull out a towel and wipe it off to keep your club clean and preserve its integrity. Also, consider keeping a towel to wipe your face and one for drying your hands in wet conditions.


Organizers (Trunk and Garage)

Finally, make sure you have quality golf organizers to keep your equipment secure and tidy. There are plenty of golf trunk organizers that will prevent your balls and tees from rolling around your vehicle on your commute to the driving range. 

Also, you might consider a golf bag organizer for your garage. Using an organizer will ensure your clubs stay safe and ordered while in storage. Organizers are available in different sizes, and some can even accommodate two golf bags. 



If you want to up your golf game in 2022, you can do so without compromising your other life commitments. Consider the tips above as you make practical steps toward improvement, and make sure you have all the golf accessories you need to excel. And if you need a golf hitting mat for practicing at home, reach out to Carolina Sports Concepts today!