As various uses for drones and UAV’s continue to increase, so does the need for safe and effective containment systems. Whether it is for a university, prison system, athletic field, military training, or trade show –our professional engineers can design a system to fit any need.

Drone perimeters, cages, and enclosures are being instituted by a number of different industries.
With high-powered cameras, these sophisticated and easily attainable tools can record several acres within a few hours. They are a security risk that cannot be ignored for many businesses. Protecting people and property by keeping drones out of designated spaces is a new priority.
shift changes.”

Carolina Sports Concepts designs, builds, and installs drone netting that accommodates any height or shape. We serve a number of different industries:

  • Drone Resellers
  • Drone Training Facilities
  • Trade Shows
  • Prisons
  • Athletic Fields
  • Professional Sports Organizations
  • Movie & Video Companies
  • Colleges & Research Centers
  • Medical Facilities
  • Fire & Police Training

The netting we use is:

  • Fire retardant
  • Chemical & weather resistant
  • UV Treated
  • 3 MM high-density polypropylene
  • Has a full warranty

Prison facilities lead the industry in developing more secure facilities by adding perimeter and drone netting outside of their regular barbed wire systems. “Prison inmates, a remarkably ingenious bunch, are disrupting long-standing methods of smuggling drugs, porn and cellphones the same way online retailers hope to one day deliver socks and underwear to American homes — through the air, with drones.” – Washington Post

Phil Pitsky, VP of U.S. Federal Operations for Dedrone, said, “if the drones aren’t dropping off packages, they’re likely scoping the are with a camera, appearing at different times to monitor guard locations and shift changes.”

Drone Netting by Carolina Sports Concepts