Why Golf Hitting Mats Make the Perfect Christmas Gifts

By Alex Watson In Golf Hitting Mats



It’s that time of year—time to start shopping for the perfect Christmas gifts for each of your loved ones! In a normal year, some people wait until Black Friday, the first couple of weeks in December, or even the days leading up to Christmas to knock out their gift lists. But in case you haven’t noticed, there is a supply chain issue that is driving many people to buy early this year.

If you have a special someone in your life who loves to play golf, or even if you think your loved one could benefit from learning the game, then you have a ton of options at your fingertips! From golf hitting mats to bags to clubs, there is a wide variety of products to make your man (or woman) very merry this holiday season. Below, Carolina Sports Concepts discusses how golfing can improve a person’s life and gives some of the best gift ideas we know. That way, you can get a head-start on your gift list and make sure your packages come on time!

The Benefits of Golfing

There’s a good reason why there are about 55 million golfers in the world: It’s one of the healthiest, most practical sports you can play. It has long been known as a gentlemen’s game, and it provides the opportunity to get physical activity outdoors, which is a big deal in the digital age! Even practicing a swing offers physical and cognitive health benefits. If your loved one could use an activity to get out of the house, here are some reasons you can use to convince them to pick up the game of golf!

Less Stress

Whether you’re practicing a swing in the backyard or playing 18 holes, golf is usually played in the open air, amid nature. This means that golfers get exposure to fresh air and vitamin D, which can go a long way in boosting serotonin and endorphin levels. In turn, it can relieve stress and anxiety while significantly improving mood.

Then there is the mental relaxation aspect. Spending time in the fresh air and beautiful scenery can help improve focus while relaxing the mind. And because most golfers are constantly seeking to improve their game, it requires them to be in the present moment, which can be therapeutic for the brain.

A Healthier Heart and Vision

It’s no secret that walking is good for the heart. In fact, people can reduce the risk of heart attacks by 30 to 40% by getting in 2.5 hours of walking each day. The average golfer walks more than 10,000 steps during a round of 18, which translates to around two hours of walking. Combined with the walking that comes with everyday living, that can put golfers well over the 2.5-hour mark.

Playing golf is also great for the eyes. Golf balls move fast, and golfers must track the ball with their eyes to see where it lands on the fairway or green. If your loved one is new to golf, it will take time to develop the precise eye tracking and focus needed, and the process can help improve overall vision.

More Strength

Golfers can burn 1,200 or more calories during the average 18-hole round of golf. Along with walking, swinging a golf club engages the arms, legs, back, shoulders, abdomen, and other muscles. In other words, playing golf provides a full-body workout! Moreover, most golf courses have lots of inclines and declines in the terrain, which allows golfers to burn more calories than walking on all-flat surfaces.

Better Sleep

If your loved one has trouble getting the sleep they need, encouraging them to play golf could be the solution they have been looking for. To play golf on a regular basis, a healthy routine must be maintained. It takes about four hours to play a full round of golf, and if a golfer opts to walk rather than drive a cart, their body will get plenty of movement for the day.

As with any type of exercise, this will help to develop a regular sleep cycle, meaning that golfers could be able to fall asleep faster at night and wake up more refreshed in the morning. Better sleep will translate to improved concentration, focus, and productivity, not to mention it will yield a plethora of long-term health benefits!


Playing golf provides great opportunities to socialize. Whether your loved one plays golf with a close family member, friend, or client, it will give them the chance to have quality interactions. They will also be able to meet new people. Since we are all social beings, these types of interactions can vastly improve our mental and emotional well-being.

Cognitive Health

Playing golf regularly can do wonders for the brain. This is because golf requires strategy and focus, so the brain gets plenty of exercise in the hours a golfer is planning their next shot or swinging a club. Golfers must be mentally alert to weigh the risks and rewards of each shot, keep up with a scorecard, and handle many other tasks that keep the brain stimulated in the process. Plus, since golfers are constantly seeking to improve, it means your loved one will get top-notch mental exercise each time they play, which can increase blood flow to the brain, create new neural pathways, and boost memory.

It’s Low Risk

Finally, golf comes with a much lower risk of injury than many other sports. And because your loved one can adjust their swing to accommodate their style and abilities, playing golf will not put a lot of stress on their joints. Moreover, a round of golf can be played at a golfer’s own pace; so, if your loved one’s body is telling them to slow down on a particular day, they can do just that and still reel in the physical and mental health benefits!

Golf Hitting Mats

The game of golf primarily revolves around the swing. If you are looking for a gift that encourages your loved one to play (or keep playing) golf, then choosing something that will help them master their swing could be the way to go!

The thing about golf swings is that they require consistency and upkeep. That’s why practicing at home gives people a much better chance of mastering their swing. Plus, there are all the health benefits to consider! To keep your loved ones active and outdoors, consider gifting them a golf hitting mat. This type of artificial surface will allow your loved one to develop their tempo, consistency, and balance without damaging the lawn.

Tee Line Golf Mats

Carolina Sports Concepts offers Tee Line golf mats that are manufactured from 100% nylon fibers. Our mats give golfers a natural feel, and since you can engage in a complete swing without worrying about the mat grabbing the clubhead, these are the best solution for at-home practice.

Tee Line golf mats are not just your average mat, and they are much simpler than natural grass when it comes to maintenance. With a variety of sizes to choose from, you can get the perfect golf hitting mat for your loved ones’ needs. And they can also be easily stowed away when they are not in use.

Other Golf Gift Ideas

When it comes to helping someone special in your life enhance their golf game, golf hitting mats are not the only gift option. Golf balls, bags, and clubs can all make for excellent, meaningful gifts. The best purchase will depend on your budget as well as what gear your loved one already has. Let’s take a quick look at some of the best golf products on the market:

Golf Balls

To the average person, the difference between golf balls may be difficult to distinguish. While there are many factors to consider when choosing the best golf balls for your loved one, the most important element will be whether the golf balls are soft or hard. A harder ball tends to work best for driving, though it also leaves less room for error. On the other hand, softer golf balls will not provide as much power but will absorb minor errors to improve accuracy.

For beginner to intermediate players, the TaylorMade Tour Response balls are hard to beat. They offer an all-around flexible feel and excellent backspin. If your loved one is a beginner golfer who still wants added power behind their drive, consider the Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls, which will still be malleable to the golf club but provide a longer carry distance thanks to super-tough graphene. One of the most versatile and celebrated golf balls on the market is the TaylorMade TP5X; it’s touted for benefitting all styles of play on both the tee and the green.

Golf Bags

Having a reliable golf bag is essential for anyone who wants to play a full (or half) round of golf. You need several different types of clubs to handle the tee box, fairway, and green, and you don’t want to try carrying all of those in your arms for four hours! If your loved one needs a new bag, there are plenty of great options to consider.

The Callaway Hyperlite Zero stand bag weighs less than three pounds, has carbon-fiber legs for extra strength, and gives golfers seven pockets for added convenience. The Ping Hoofer Lite stand bag comes in slightly heavier at five pounds and provides golfers with the option to carry with one or two straps. And if your loved one wants a more vintage look and feel, consider the Steurer Jacoby 8″ Sunday Style carry bag, which is made of leather, waxed canvas, and brass hardware. This is one of the best-looking bags produced today, and it’s also more practical than many other vintage-style golf bags.

Golf Clubs

Perhaps the most practical gift you can give to your golfing (or soon-to-be golfing) loved one is a new golf club. Clubs are continually evolving, and a lot of factors go into determining which ones are worth the investment. That’s why we have provided this short list of our top overall picks of each major club type:

• Callaway Mavrik Driver: This driver offers all of the high-end technology you can ask for. It comes available in three different models, it can boost ball speed, and it’s quite forgiving when it comes to errors.
• Cobra Speedzone Fairway Wood: This club has baffler rails to help golfers get a good shot from any lie. It comes with an adjustable clubhead, a high-performing shaft, and three different models.
• TaylorMade SIM MAX Irons: When it comes to an iron that offers uncompromising ball speed, nothing beats these clubs. They give golfers excellent launch and ball flight, and they’re pretty forgiving as well!
• Cleveland RTX Wedge: This is a great wedge, especially for beginner or intermediate golfers. It provides tour zip grooves and makes an easy task of achieving a good ball spin. The RTX Wedge comes in many variations and is budget-friendly too.
• Odyssey Stroke Lab EXO Putter: One of the toughest types of clubs to pick out is the putter because there are so many different styles. But overall, the Stroke Lab EXO is hard to beat. It makes it easy for golfers to align their putt, has a great all-around feel, and feels very stable upon impact. It also comes in many different designs, which means you can find the perfect fit for your loved one.


Don’t wait to pick out Christmas gifts this year! If you have a special someone who loves to play golf or could benefit from all golf has to offer, consider the ideas above for getting the perfect present. And if you want to get your hands on a top-notch golf hitting mat, don’t forget to come by Carolina Sports Concepts to see our selection!