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After a decade in the sports netting business, we decided to take our marketing up a notch. We hired a marketing professional and built a new website. Along the way, we were advised to change our name to something that was more about netting and less about sports. In the end, we decided to keep our name. It’s who we are.  We’re not just another netting company, we’re a top performance sports netting company!

We’re sports enthusiasts. We eat, drink, play, and, as luck would have it, now earn our living in the sports industry. That’s important for our customers to know because it is the underpinning of our work ethic, and we bring it to the job every day.

We’re on time, because if you don’t show up to roll call, you don’t get on the bus.

Sometimes we lose, but we do it with grace.  Our customers are always right, even when we lose a little. We’re willing to make the sacrifice to save the relationship.

Practice, attention to detail, and skills training make us better than the other guys.  We know that the precision with which we install your foul pole may make the difference in referee call for some aspiring soccer team. We work until we get it right!

Safety first.  Our team members at Carolina Sports Concepts are our family and friends. Their wellbeing and yours (our customer) is of the utmost importance.  

We believe in teamwork.  When we install contraband netting at a prison, we know that the security guard that works there depends on us to do our job right. Installing a perimeter that keeps weapons and drugs out of a prison is not just a day’s work for us, we think about that security guard and his family. He’s a part of our team when we’re on that job.

We work hard, even through the last inning.  Standing in a bucket lift for hours, 120 feet in the air on a hot summer day is hard work, but our team members know what they are signing up for when they come to work. They are in it to win it, and we work hard until the sun goes down.

We take pride in doing quality work. We understand what it means to players when they tee up on a golf pad that looks great, or when they step into a dugout with quality flooring.  

We want those golf swings to be enhanced by good artificial turf with properly installed padding. We want our club owners to feel proud when fans file into the stands. And we want kids to slide off the swing onto quality turf without skinning their knees. 
It’s the little things, the attention to quality and detail that set us apart.