TRUE-PLAY Residential Golf Mats

  • Best at home golf mats on the market!  These are the same hitting mats used on professional golf courses and driving ranges.
  • Indoor – Outdoor Use – Can be used indoor & outdoors. If you are outdoors, sand is the best surface but our mats also work great on concrete, grass, and dirt.
  • 100% Nylon Material – This is long-lasting and will not stain the club head.
  • 30% More Dense that Leading Brands.  This turf is denser than most other products on the market. Our mats offer a natural feel that performs like real grass!
  • 5mm  (about a ¼ inch) ZERO SHOCK Pad  – Our shock pads allow for safe use on ANY hard surface.
  • Tear Resistant – Top Quality Golf Mat – Highly resistant to tearing, fading, fiber separation, and has UV degradation for many years of use.
  • Our mats come with the a plastic  black tray and rubbers tees and have pre-punched holes on 2 or 4 sides depending on the size of the mat.
    • 3×5, 4×5, 5×10 Have 2 Tee Holes
    • 5×5 Mats Have 4 Tee Holes
    • 5×5 Octagon Mat Has 8 Tee Holes


Q:  Can I use the TRUE-PLAY Residential Golf Mat on any surface?

A:  If you are outdoors, sand is a better surface but our mats also work well on concrete and dirt.

Q:  Can I leave my mat outdoors?

A:  It really depends on the weather conditions.  Most of our customers report good results but if you are in a harsh weather area and plan to leave the mat out full-time, we recommend bumping up to our Commercial Grade Mat.

Q:  Is this mat appropriate for beginners?

A:  Yes!  Our mats absorb club shock just like real grass.  It will not interfere with the learning experience for new golfers or serious trainers.

Q:  Are the mats portable?

A:  Yes.  Many of our clients leave them in the garage until practice time on a flat surface in the driveway.  With that said, they are heavy duty mats and probably not appropriate for moving for elderly or small golfers.

Q:  Will these mats mark up my clubs?

A:  These mats do not mark up the bottom of your clubs.

Q:  Can you use regular tees?

A:  The mats come with three tees.  One specialized tee has an insert that accommodates a regular tee.