TRUE-PLAY Perfect ReAction Golf Mats

  • No 110 oz Nylon Turf – This is a high-use product used on golf courses and driving ranges.  It has thick padding plus a 110 oz artificial turf weight.
  • Perfect for right or left-handers.
  • 5/8 Inch Thick Zero Shock Pads – These thick pads remove all shock and bounce for all types of clubs. This mat will not fade, bunch up, or leave marks on your clubs.
  • Total Height – 1 ¼ Inch
  • Durable & Weather Resistant – Resistant to fading, tearing, fiber separation, and UV degradation.
  • Heavy 5/8 Inch Polyethylene Foam Pad – This extra foam padding adds dimensional stability.
  • Use Your Own Wooden Tees – Superior practice experience using your own tees.  Hits like real grass.  The dense fiber mat slows the head speed like real grass to give you a predictable swing.
  • Instant Feedback!  Fat, Thin or a Perfect Swing!



Q:  Can I use the TRUE-PLAY Perfect ReAction Golf Mat on any surface?

A:  TRUE-PLAY ReACTION mats work best on flat solid surfaces including concrete, sand, dirt, and sand.

Q:  Can I leave my mat outdoors?

A:  Yes.  These are the most durable mats sold.

Q:  Is this mat appropriate for beginners?

A:  Yes!  Our mats absorb club shock just like real grass.  They are easy on the elbows and wrist. Perfect for beginners and pros that practice often.  It will not interfere with the learning experience for new golfers or serious trainers.

Q:  Are the mats portable?

A:  Yes.  Many of our clients leave them in the garage until practice time on a flat surface in the driveway.  With that said, they are heavy-duty mats and probably not appropriate for moving for elderly or small golfers.

Q:  Will these mats mark up my clubs?

A:  These mats do not mark up the bottom of your clubs.

Q:  Can you use regular tees?

A:  Yes.  The turf is thick enough to use any regular wooden tee.